Sunday, April 25, 2010

Second Childhood

Currently reading - Uncanny X-Men #519-522

We're in the process of packing up personal items in order to paint, re-floor and finally put the house on the market next year. I ran out of mylar sleeves and boxes for comic books I'd bought the last couple of years before GK was born. Unfortunately, most of the comic shops nearby have gone out of business thanks to the current recession, so I had to traipse up the highway yesterday. Due to other errands/circumstances, DH and GK came along.

Somehow, someway, whatever your parents do is totally uncool to each generation. GK is no different. But by the time we left, GK had a manga book and DH had Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

And me? Well, I have my supplies, my current reading and the latest issue of Wonder Woman.

But Lady Bast as my witness, if Scott Summers is still dating Emma Frost, I'll drop X-Men again.

(Unless there's a really cool cover of Storm or Psylocke.)

Anyone else have a childhood obsession they'd like to share?


  1. I used to be an X-Men fan, but in an earlier era. :) Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, the gathering of the New X-Men, the Sleazoid Wars, Kitty's Fairy Tale (which rocked -- I loved the little Bamfs, hee!) The Secret Wars (which sucked [thwaps Peter a good one for being an idiot]), the forming of the New Mutants and the whole Kitty Controversy.... That was my X-Era. I finally had to stop buying comics, after having my own pull-box for I don't know how many years, when I lost my job and just couldn't afford it anymore. When I got married and could afford it again, we were a 45 minute bus ride from the nearest comic shop, and I had years of catch-up to do, and it just didn't seem worth it. :/


  2. Ah, the good ole' Chris Claremont days before Carl Icahn fucked up Marvel.

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one pissed at Peter for the whole Secret Wars crap. ;-)

    LOL Definitely showing my age here, but I regarded the orginial X-Men as the Fantastic Four plus one. Bo-o-r-ring! Then my cousin introduced me to the re-vamped team in 1975, and it boggled my little nine-year-old mind.

    And I was just as bad twenty-five years later when the X-Men movie came out. LOL I dragged DH to the theater on opening day. I also found out theater seats aren't very comfortable when you're eight-and-a-half months pregnant. LOL

    I quit collecting soon after GK was born. But I also had five years worth of comics I hadn't read yet between law school and DH's cancer.

    It was definitely nice to pick up a few issues yesterday.