Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crazy, Crazy Weekends

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Sorry about not posting yesterday, folks. I had to play catch-up on household duties.

So much for my marvelous three-day weekend to clean out my office! Actually, I made some pretty good progress. I can see the top of my desk again! And the floor! And in a few days, I might actually be able to fit my leather desk chair back into the office. If I can get it away from DH.

Which brings me to the second half of the weekend.

I think DH distracted me on purpose so I won't retrieve the said chair. DH (which now stands for Darth Husband) and his apprentice, Darth Kid, seduced me with the one thing besides chocolate they know I can't resist.


Okay, it was a friend who gave me free passes to a special preview of Despicable Me for future access to my personal book library. To this day, she curses me for fostering her addiction to paranormal romances.

Folks, when Despicable Me comes out next month, take your kids. They'll love it! The movie was a little sappy and predictible at the end, but the producers keep a nice balance between the main plot and subplots. Nor do they overdo the Despicable Minions. As DH said, it was better than we expected. Plus you'll never look at one of those snap-and-shake lights the same way ever again. Trust me.

When we got home, I got a little sorting and tossing done before I made pizza. Then it was DVDs of Hancock and Ocean's 11.

Sunday, we hit the local theater again for Prince of Persia. The plot needed work, but DAMN! Emo indie boy Jake Gyllenhaal has turned into some serious eye candy. So worth the emission price for the eye candy, ladies!

Wait! I meant 'admission.' I swear!

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