Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Next Contest

Currently reading - Dark and Stormy Knights, edited by P.N. Elrod

I know a lot of you may be checking in, wondering when the next interview and contest is coming.

Unfortunately, not until after Labor Day. To be specific Susan Helene Gottfried will be here on September 14th.

August is already a third over, and I still have to get a new backdoor installed, clean out the family room, paint the family room, deal with GK getting braces (weekly appointments), draft GK's fall school curriculum (Yes, I homeschool. Our school district has no provisions for children with genius IQs.), and try to get a first draft of the current wip done in addition to the two part-time jobs.

All before school starts on August 30th.

This hamster is really tired. Can I get off the wheel now?


  1. Girl, you must be a saint to homeschool!!!

    Take Care,

  2. No one gets off the wheel! "We keep you alive to service this ship. Row well, and live!"


    (I'm practicing for when I'm the evil Empress of the Universe. How'd I do?)

  3. Ah, Tessy, you're giving me too much credit. Homeschooling is pure necessity.

    The first couple of years GK was in public school the staff were absolutely sure something was wrong with him because of behavioral outbursts. We were getting calls from the school every freakin' day.

    But the school refused to actually have him tested for any of things they claimed he had. Among the list, he supposedly was sociopathic, had ADD, had ADHD, was emotionally unbalanced, had some unknown mental illness, etc.

    For our own piece of mind, DH and I took him to a child psychologist. GK shocked the sh** out of her by being a bright, well-adjusted kid. So she observed him at school and tested him. Everything came back normal, except he scored 136 on the IQ test, and the psychologist thinks it's probably 20 points higher because GK deliberately tanked a couple of sections of the test.

    Couple that crap with some nasty bullying at school and on the bus, yeah, any kid is going to act out.

    Homeschooling has been a challenge, but it's definitely been worth it!

  4. LOL Zita, you can be the Empress. I'll be one of your zombie hamster minions.