Thursday, December 9, 2010

Character Growth

Currently reading - Poison Kisses by Stephanie Draven

I have the house to myself for the month of December.  Well, except for Wonder Dog, the only male member who did not head to Nana and Papa's for the holidays.  Since I don't have either a ten-year-old or a husband's uncomfortable laughter to deal with, I've been enjoying a Sex and the City marathon.

Viewing all six seasons back-to-back, I can revel in the memories and the humor.  But what I loved most about these stories was never the dating fiascos or sex-capades.  It was watching the girls grow, and grow up, leaving behind their preconceived notions of Mr. Right.

Instead of the perfect WASP marriage with children, Charlotte found her bald Jewish attorney with puppies.  Miranda finally admitted she was passionately in love, not with a high-powered business man or a celebrity doctor, but with Steve, the nerdy, sweet bartender.  Samantha discovered her soul mate in Smith, her waiter/model/actor boytfriend who taught the really sick pleasure of. . .just holding hands.

And then there was Carrie and Big.

Maybe that's why I wasn't as pleased by the girls' first theatrical movie and haven't bothered to watch the second one.  It seemed like all four took major steps backwards in their character growth.

And that's the important thing in your stories as well.  Your characters need to be moving forward.  Without progress, all you have left is rehash after rehash of scenes.


  1. Very well written post and a very well taken point. Not to mention...I love Sex and the City.

  2. Thanks, Ang!

    Today's lunchtime episode was "Let There Be Light." That's the one where Samantha runs into ex-flame Richard Wright, and even though Smith knows she's up in a suite screwing Richard, he waits to make sure she gets home. Something Richard would never do. And for the first time, Samantha's carefully built wall shatters.

    Samantha and Smith's relationship is one of the reasons I believe Season 6 was the perfect coda for the series.