Monday, December 27, 2010

The Times They are A-Changin'

Currently re-reading - Storm Front by Jim Butcher

I dumped today's original blog post in favor of a link to this story in the L.A. Times Business section from yesterday.  (Thanks to fellow RWA chapter member Chuck Emerson for bringing it to my attention.)

Surprisingly, instead of a "OMG, the sky is falling" piece, it's a decent analysis of where the publishing business is headed.  The e-readers are picking up steam as the latest must-have electronic gadget.  Heck, even my boss at the Day Job got a Nook for Christmas.  (And yes, I'm envious.  *sigh*)  The rapid changes are even making me rethink my five-year-business plan and my ultimate goal.

I spent yesterday evening (since the Eagles' game is delayed until Tuesday) after work reviewing the criteria for uploading a manuscript to Amazon.  Pretty effing simple even with my rudimentary HTML skills.  I know a graphic artist I would LOVE to hire as a cover artist.  That only leaves constructing a dedicated website (on my list of to-do things for 2011 anyway) and hiring a decent freelance editor.

Before I do anything, I must have a long, sit-down talk with my business partner, i.e. DH.  Becoming my own publisher will impact the family.  But the prospects are so damn exciting!

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