Friday, January 7, 2011

The Latest in E-Publishing

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Have you been keeping up with the e-book craziness?

Former agent, now tech guru, Nathan Bransford talks about our tablet overlords at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show.  Thriller author and ER doc CJ Lyons discusses her e-book pricing experiment over at Pimp My Novel.  Then there's mystery/suspense author J.A. Konrath's ongoing battle with the print overlords, the latest with uber-agent Richard Curtis.

The problem for newbies like me trying to shove their foot in the fiction door?  The publishing business is in a wild state of flux.  And if you're one of those writers who's on the hunt for the perfect idea/query/whatever break into the business?  Well, you definitely won't find it now.  (Though if you do, I'll give you chocolate if you'll tell me.)

In my quest for releasing my stories into the wild, I'm on the fence.  I'm a pros/cons list maker for major decisions.  The two columns are even as far as print vs. electronic.  And I've got people who care about me trying to sway the decision both ways.

Ultimately, I can only do the same thing as the rest of you.  Analyze the situation, then take that proverbial leap of faith.

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