Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Mania Monday

The other movie DH and I watched during this weekend's date night was Hellboy.  Ron Perlman is one of those actors who doesn't fit the classical handsome mold and subsequently doesn't get a lot of credit for his skill.  Besides Hellboy, the only other good guy leading role either of us could remember him in was Vincent from TV's Beauty and the Beast.  Can anyone else remember Ron in another leading role?

There's some editing and storyline issues, not to mention poor Doug Jones getting screwed over when the producers didn't like his vocalization of Abe.  But over all, Ron and Selma Blair's pitch-perfect performances of H.B. and Liz made the movie.

Well, those two and Jeffrey Tambor (who cracks me up no matter what he's in).


  1. Not necessarily a leading role but he was one of the 7 in the TV series "The Magnificent Seven". He played his role well even if he didn't get all the girls.

  2. Ooo! Thanks, Cheryl! I can't believe I forgot the M7.

    DH voted for Sons of Anarchy, but I said Clay was too far into the dark side even though he thinks he's doing the right thing.