Monday, January 10, 2011

Protecting Your Livelihood - Part 1

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A ton of stuff's happened over the weekend, and we'll talk more about that over the next few days.  First, I must give a whole-hearted salute to the authors at the Killer Fiction blog.

In the quicksand that the publishing biz has become, the ladies at Killer Fiction have been through some serious downs last year.  Most of these gals started with the same publisher, and then that publisher took off and stranded them.  Add in major upheavals on the personal life front, and no one would have faulted these ladies if they let the dark grains close over their heads.

Now, the KF gals could have wailed and cried and let themselves be swallowed in the cesspit of despair, but they used the planks and vines of friends, agents and their own indomitable wills to haul their collective asses out of that sinkhole.  Some have signed with new publishers, some with new agents, and some are self-publishing.

The lesson here--other writers are not your enemies.  You have to have the guts and desire to pursue this career, and be smart enough to work together for everyone to succeed.

Starting today through January 21, 2001, the KF gals have a Kick Off the New Year contest.  In addition to daily drawings, they are giving away a grand prize--a KINDLE E-READER.

And to top it off, today Jana DeLeon is giving away e-copies of the first book in her Ghost-in-Law series, TROUBLE IN MUDBUG!  Trust me, you'll get hooked.

So go check out Killer Fiction and support these lovely ladies by buying their books!

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