Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Protecting Your Livelihood - Part 2

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If you're like me, your computer is your primary writing tool, your storage unit for all your stories, and your contact with everyone else in the publishing world.

Late last week, hackers tried to hijack my laptop, primarily through holes in Microsoft and Google.  Thank Djehuti, I had blogs written and timed to post through Sunday, but most of my writing time for the weekend was instead spent cleaning out the deposited malware.  I was lucky.  I had updated anti-malware that thwarted the worst of the attacks.  My only real problem was the CPU suck as Norton valiantly battled the hacking dragons.

The lesson here--keep your anti-malware programs updated, no matter what the cost.  And don't let anyone install programs on your computer that you don't fully understand.

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