Friday, January 14, 2011

Protecting Your Livelihood - Part 5

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A couple of days ago, we talked about physical health, but mental health is just as important.  This means taking a break from the writing and do something else creative or entertaining.  Colleen Thompson refers to this as refilling the well.

Take a hard look at the writers you loved twenty, ten, even five year ago.  How many are still writing?  (And I'm not referring to folks like the late, wonderful Marion Zimmer Bradley.)  Sometimes it's raw bad luck, but in a lot of cases, burn-out is the cause.  To prevent burn-out, you need to give your mind something else to focus on.

Actress Jane Seymour paints.  Writers Jim Butcher and Sherrilyn Kenyon play RPGs.  I cook.

In fact, yesterday was my last free day before the boys come home from Ohio.  So I tried out a new chocolate, cherry shortbread cookie recipe.  I watched a couple of episodes from season 2 of True Blood.  I cleaned the living room.  (Hey, for me, it's relaxing.)

And while I dusted and vaccuumed, my insolent little brain got bored and decided to work on the latest wip.

Stupid brain.  Now I have to type up the plot points before I forget.

Anyone else want to share their methods for relaxing?

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