Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marketing and A Different Kind of Contest

The winner is Mariee!  I will be e-mailing you shortly, my dear.  And for the record Mariee was dead on with what I bought for myself.  Though I did buy two copies of Divorced, Desperate & Delicious as gifts for the holidays.  Thanks for participating!

Currently reading - The Fixer by Jon F. Merz (E-book)

I wanted to try an experiment by having blog readers comment on book trailers.  The experiment was a raging success (or an absolute failure, depending on your POV).  No one commented about the book trailers.  No one.  Heck, even my thirty regular readers didn't comment.

Which leads me to question whether book trailers are effective?  Right now, I'd have to come to the sad conclusion that the answer is no.  I can't honestly say I bought any books because of a trailer.

So what type of marketing does work?  Well, that's something I'll be exploring, but LATER!  It's contest time!  And up for grabs is a $10 e-certificate to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner's choice).

Out of the five book trailers I posted, which ones are for books I actually bought?  Leave your answer in comments.  Click on the links if you need to review the posts.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Divorced, Desperate & Delicious
Night of the Living Trekkies
Born of Ice

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment with you answer for which of these books I actually have purchased.  And please, PLEASE leave a contact e-mail!

PLEASE NOTE:  Comments will be closed on Sunday, March 13, at approximately 12 Noon CDT, or whenever I crawl out of bed.  GK will draw a name from his Capt. Rex helmet if I can pry him away from the Xbox. The winner will be posted shortly thereafter.

Legal $#!@:

The contest is only open to anyone with access to Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com. To the FTC, any books and/or prizes have been purchased out of my own damn pocket and will be listed on my tax return as a business expense.  So there!

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  1. I think you bought Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Soulless and Born of Ice.

    marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com