Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Great Ideas Go Bad

Currently reading - Pale Demon by Kim Harrison (HC)

DH thought it's be a great idea to switch to AT&T's U-verse for phones and internet.  We both work from home (except for the Day Job).  Four times the speed?  Couldn't argue that, especially when it was taking for-e-vah to load WWII battle maps.  (Guess what unit GK is on?)

Except--today is the second time in a week a tech's been at the house.  Today, not only do we not have U-verse, we no longer have our DSL connection.  ARGH!

Do these people realize how much I depend on the freakin' internet for EVERYTHING?!

I'm at Barnes & Noble for a few minutes between dental appointments and car registration just so I can get my freakin' e-mail.  (Because now would be when I get a 'Yes' from an agent with my luck.)

*sigh*  So if the there's no posts for the next few days (except for those I managed to schedule earlier this week), don't fret!  I'll be back with more info on the indie publishing scene as soon as I can.

In the meantime if you have an Internet connection, go read Jon F. Merz's guest post on Joe Konrath's blog.  Interesting take on a convert to the cause.


  1. I go nuts when my Internet isn't working!!! Hoping your woes end soon!!!!

  2. Thank goodness, there's enough hot spots around us I can go somewhere. don't know what I'd do if I were homebound for some reason!