Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coffee's Brewin' well as some other things.  The blog may be quiet for the next few days as I meet deadlines, both editor- and self-imposed.

In the meantime, here's another super-hero movie to look forward to this summer:

I'm a geek. Can you tell?


  1. Luck with the deadlines. :)

    Being geeky for a moment, I'm really iffy about the GL movie. :/ I'm sorry, but that flaky dweeb is not Hal Jordan. Hal was chosen by the ring because he had the strongest will of anyone on the planet. This dude? Not so much. It's like the movie people decided to throttle him way back in some attempt to make him relatable to Everyman, or so Joe FlakyDude in the audience could imagine that that was himself on the screen, or whatever. [sigh]

    Very disappointing.


  2. Could have been worse, Angie. The movie people could have gone with Guy Gardner. *grin*

    The movie people can call this character Hal Jordan all they want(hoping to appeal to those of us who grew up with the Silver Age GL), but he appears to have Kyle Radner's personality (the most popular of the recent GL's).

    Personally, my favorite GL is John Stewart (perfect ratio of willpower/everyman appeal), but Horus forbid we actually invest millions of studio dollars in a black hero. /*extreme sarcasm here*/