Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Emotional Mopping Up

Currently reading - Eat, Prey, Love by Kerrelyn Sparks (MMPB)

After I blew off steam in yesterday's post and after having a long talk with DH (who firmly believes it's easier to be sick rather than the helpless loved one sitting next to the hospital bed), I cranked out some work.

I finally got a tiny formatting problem fixed on the .MOBI file for Blood Magick.  This is the primary reason you should convert files yourself and review them before uploading them to Amazon, et. al.  Even though there was a space between two words in the .DOC and .HTML files, the conversion to .MOBI kept wanting to cram them into one word.

Then I put together the music playlist for writing Bloodlines Book 5.  The original pages for Book 5 were scrapped in favor of the terrific new plot Jody helped me piece together (for which I will be forever in her debt), and three new pages were written.  And then I edited the first two chapters of a short story that takes place between Books 2 and 3.  (Book 2.5?).

Mandy, my cover artist for Blood Magick, e-mailed a status update.  The delay is totally my fault.  I told her I was shooting for a June 1 release, and we agreed on a late May deadline for her.  The speed in which I got the manuscript (re)edited and formatted surprised me.  I wanted plenty of time because of the learning curve I faced.  But this is one of those things you learn through experience in the Brave New World publishing has become.

All-in-all a productive day once the emotional crap was mopped and dried.


  1. Sometimes you just gotta talk about it and get it out! Glad the day turned out well!

  2. Thanks, ladies! Now if I could just get my ass going today. . . *grin*