Monday, April 18, 2011

Stupid Software

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Is it just me or does anyone else have issues with MSWord?

1)  Like teaching the effing MSWord spell checker every interesting word in the dictionary. It can spellcheck 'penis' correctly, but had heart attacks over 'unseelie' and 'rictus.'

2)  The grammar checker can't tell the difference between a direct object and an indirect object.

Egads!  GK can do a better job.


  1. LOL I know what you mean. Hence the reason we all have to double check our spelling. But I also like some of the options they give for words it thinks is misspelled. I don't know how much of the dictionary is actually programmed into computer spell checkers. Guess that's something to ask computer hardware/software developers or computer engineers about.

  2. My husband bought software that is much better than spellcheck. It will also will let you know if you used the wrong spelling as in "their" vs. "they're" and gives your paragraphs a rating on length, sentence structure, spelling, etc. I don't trust MSWord Spellcheck at all.

  3. Oh, believe me, ladies! I do NOT rely on MS for anything. But I have to program in a lot of words so the stupid software doesn't start substituting for me.

    I find it alternately amusing and irritating that the programmers in Redmond are not smarter than a fifth-grader.

  4. I love MS Word, but then I have all the extra crap turned off. [wry smile] And I don't use spellcheck or grammar check; my own grammar is fine, and I have a dictionary.

    Setting up a new version of Word (which I haven't done in ages, 'cause it's a pain) is a pain, mainly because you have to go through turning off all the "helpful" garbage like auto-complete and curly quotes and whatever all else. Once you have it peeled down to the basics, it's a great product.


  5. Egads, Angie! Do not get me started on the Windows 7 version of Word. Did they really add significant new functionalit? Noooo, but we got to change the entire freakin' menu structure. I don't have the hours to figure this out every time a new version comes out Microsoft!

    Oh, and I'm with you on turning the extra shit off. I only turn it on to double-check for the stuff that manages to slip by me, my four crit partners and my two beta readers. And yes, unfortunately, a couple things slipped by. Like the one run-on sentence that should have been two and a half separate paragraphs. *grin*