Friday, May 6, 2011

Author on Her Own - A.J. Church

I met A.J. Church three years ago through an interesting website called Crit Partner Match.  (Think of it as eHarmony for writers.)  Life stuff got in the way, and A.J. stepped back from writing for a year.  Even though we no longer critique partners, we kept in touch. Now, I happy to say she's back with a fun, funky novel about an accidental serial killer.
If you like quirky, black humor like Dexter or Pulp Fiction, then you need to check out Being John Bland.

John Bland didn't set out to become the world's most prolific accidental serial killer. He just wanted to prove he was smarter than the average person by committing the perfect crime. But when Fate turns his brilliantly conceived Master Plan into an unlikely family reunion, John has no choice but to follow his twisted genetic code. Now with bodies accidentally dropping around him like flies, a suspicious best friend with the disposition of a lemon, and two of Tampa's finest breathing down his neck, he has all he can handle just to keep his story straight. As if things weren't bad enough, John's getting professional advice from a notorious surfing bar-brawl killer, the ghost of a heart-stealing, rotgut-swilling cowboy, and a girlfriend who makes celery look intelligent. It's starting to look like being average may be the best thing John has going for him.

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