Monday, May 16, 2011

Author on His Own - Will Graham

Will Graham is the pseudonym of a Houston private investigator who specializes in computer forsenics.  In the past, he's sold everything from TV scripts to humorous paranormal, but now he's srriking out on his own with the terrific suspense novel Street Heat.  (Like he doesn't have the coolest job in the world anyway.)  Street Heat is available through Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble

A former detective in San Francisco confronts the serial killer who got away.... and the woman who broke his heart.

In 1985, Peterson Chace was the lead investigator for the Moonstone Murderer Case, a serial killer that held San Francisco in a grip of terror. Moonstone eluded capture and escaped justice in a brutal confrontation on the Golden Gate Bridge, leading Chace into a breakdown and forcing his resignation from the police department.

Three years later, with a new career as a mystery novelist, Chace is drawn back in to the world he left when Moonstone reappears, slaughtering seemingly random victims and holding the city in a grip of fear. As the case progresses, Chace finds himself dealing with Mayor Sarah Westin, an ADA in the original case, and the one woman in his life Chace finds haunting his memory.

In a shattering climax deep in downtown San Francisco, Chace confronts his demons once and for all, and learns that sometimes, the second chance is the one that counts....


  1. Loving "Street Heat!" :) Congratulations, Will!!

  2. Go, William!!!!

  3. This was quite a surprise to see! Thank you, Suzan...:)