Thursday, May 19, 2011

Latest Industry News

[Editor's Note: This was the post that would have been last Friday's if Blogger had been functional.  A good thing this was delayed because a few other things have come to light.]

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If you haven't read this article at, go read it now.  (Link is courtesy of the lovely Stacey Purcell of Musetracks.)  At the World E-Reading Congress in London this week, Harper-Collins CEO Victoria Barnsley actually admitted ON THE RECORD that indie publishers were "stiff competition."

Wow.  Maybe H-C will revise its policies toward writers in future contracts.  Maybe my beagle will learn how to fly an Apache helicopter too.

In other news, Amazon has opened its own romance imprint, Montlake Romance.  Longtime romance staple Connie Brockway is their debut author.  And yes, Victoria Barnsley is as worried about Amazon as she is about us indies.

Kobo has dropped the price of its e-reader to $99.  It's supposed to be temorary Spring sale, but I suspect it may launch another round of e-reader price wars.

And one of my favorite authors, Charlaine Harris joins romance vetern Nora Roberts in the Kindle Million Books Sold Club.

What was that again about e-books being a publishing dead-end?

Oh, wait! Publishers and agents HAVE figured out e-books where the money's at.  Publishers are sneaking in clauses that aren't to the writer's benefit.  And agents are setting themselves up as publishers, and some agents are asking for 50% of the net after gross!  Seriously, this makes me want to cry.
I know I'm preaching to the choir, but it needs to be said again and AGAIN.  If you're going with a traditional publisher or with an agent, READ YOUR CONTRACTS.  Know what you're signing.

If you want to try indie publishing and you're just scared about doing everything yourself, you're not alone.  E-mail me if you have questions.  I'll be happy to help.  And if I don't know the answers, I'll help you find someone who does.

[Edit to add: Barnes & Noble made a preliminary announcement after the NY markets closed that Liberty Media has an offer on the table of $17 per share.  Supposedly, one of Liberty Media's buy-out conditions is that founding chairman Leonard Riggio stays with B&N.  The offer contingent on an evaluation of a special committee of the B&N board.]

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