Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lessons Learned Part 5 - Marketing

There's a fine, a very teeny, tiny one-atom thick, line between making your presence known and becoming a spam slut.  I definitely want to avoid being known as a spam slut, but I also want to let people know I've got a book for sale.

What's worked for Seasons of Magick: Spring?  Quite simply word-of-mouth.  I announced on my blog each time the novella went live on a particular retailer.  I tweeted each time the novella went live on a particular retailer.  I guest-blogged over at Joan Reeves' Slingwords.  So that's a total of seven things I personally did.  That's all I did over the last three weeks since the initial release.

Then people started spreading the word on Twitter.  Some are crit partners like @Faye Hughes.  Others are total strangers like @Indie Elf.  Other folks added Wild, Wicked & Wacky to their list of must-read blogs.  Entertainment bots looking for keywords picked my book up and featured it.  Business bots pointed to several of my business-related blog posts.

As I've said before, there's no sure-fire marketing method that works for everyone.  You may need to experiment.

Nor am I relying solely on word-of-mouth for Blood Magick.  It's the first book in Bloodlines, my urban fantasy series, so I'll do what I can to make sure it gets off to a good start.  I'm already scheduling my blog tour, I've got my list of reviewers ready to go, and I'm planning some cool summer contests for this blog.

In the meantime, Seasons of Magick:Spring is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.  Okay, maybe I'm a little slutty.


  1. LOL Suzan! Never heard the spam slut before! :) I think a little is okay. :)