Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lessons Learned Part 6 - Real Numbers

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For those of you thinking about indie-publishing your work, I going to be perfectly honest about my sales numbers so far for Seasons of Magick: Spring.

Live on Amazon April 29th:  19

Live on Barnes & Noble May 9th:  3

Live on Smashwords May 11th:  3

The two reasons I've sold 25 copies so far is (1) it's cheap, only $0.99, and (2) it's erotica.  Remember, I've done virtually no promotion for this novella.  I've posted each time the book went live on a e-tail site, and I've tweeted each time.  That's it.  That's all I did.  My friends took up the slack and have promoted the hell out of the novella (for which I'm eternally grateful, guys!).  So all in all, I'm rather pleased with the sales.  But that also doesn't mean I can continue sitting around and doing nothing.

First of all, I plan to release at least three novels this year (and possible a fourth depending on my time).  I also plan on releasing at least three more short stories (and again, possibly a fourth depending on time).  I'm already well into scheduling releases for 2012.  From my research, your best bet for success as an indie is to have as much quality product available as you can manage.

Second of all, some heavy duty promotion is planned including contests, blog tours and begging for reviews sending out copies for review.

While I'm more than willing to share what works for me in this strange new world, don't take it as gospel.  Your mileage may vary.

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