Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Blog Schedule

Currently reading - Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks (MMPB)

The summer crazies have started sooner than I expected, not to mention I have a pretty aggressive writing  schedule for myself for the next three months.

So, from now until September 1, Wild, Wicked & Wacky will only be coming to you three days a week--Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Have a fabulous summer, and I hope many words tantalize your brain!


  1. Hope your new schedule works and that you have a FANTASTIC summer, filled with great writing, good books, and yummy foods.

  2. Thanks, Ivy! The yummy foods have already started. I made a pan of lasagna last night, and GK has requested homemade pizza tonight. He's not a big fan of traditional tomato sauce, so he gets his own pizza with garlic butter instead.

  3. Ah ... garlic butter sauce. Very nice. I keep a homemade container of extra virgin olive oil with finely chopped organic garlic, on hand. Good stuff for those white pizzas. Num num num.

    I'm currently at a Monday, Wednesday, Friday jogging schedule. Not sure for how long but it's working nicely right now.

    Simple, easy, doable.

    Do you jog?

  4. LOL The extent of my exercise is walking the Wonder Beagle, and as he's pointed out, I haven't been doing a good job of that either. I'll try to take him before it gets too hot tomorrow morning. He's been a very patient dog lately.

  5. What is the Wonder beagle's name?

  6. Dax, as in Kurzon, not Jadzia or Ezri.