Friday, May 27, 2011

When It Rains, It May Really Be a Broken Water Main

Currently reading - Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks (MMPB)

It's about 1AM as I write this.  I wish I was joking about the water main thing, but no.  The MUD (Municiple Utility District for those outside of Texas) trucks are right outside our window.  The major break seemed to be in the neighbor's yard across the street, but water started bubbling up through the concrete in the middle of the street.  So yes, they are now digging in the street.

It's capper on a really bad week.  I found out that it wasn't a wasp that stung DH.  They were what my grandparents referred to as red devil hornets.  I was mowing Tuesday when they swarmed out of one of the gutter downspouts.  I didn't get stung thanks to an extra-large can of Raid, but the lone survivor stalked me through the yard the rest of the morning.  Raid makes an excellent anti-aircraft weapon by the way.  Ironically, the lack of rain is the reason for the water main break and the hornets choice of residence.

I'm already stressing about getting all of GK's tests done by the end of the week, not to mention getting the promo I've lined up for Blood Magick done before June 1.

DH went above the husbandly call of duty when we discovered we couln't use the cover I'd commissioned.  Goddess, I love that man!  We quickly brainstormed, and I raced around the city collecting items for a photo shoot.  He shot a bunch of pictures for me.  Now, I'm scrambling to edit them into something semi-usable before Wednesday.

But of course, it's my turn to work the holiday weekend.  And the customers were exceptionally. . .weird tonight at the Day Job. Yes, I'm talking about you, Gourmet Tuna Lady!  Please, Anubis, don't let that trend continue, or I swear I will fucking take someone out.


  1. Sending good vibes your way!

    I had a wasp terrorizing me on our back porch too (but no water main issues)...I sympathize, dear!

  2. I just saw the cover Loretta Chase's agent did for one of her backlist books. I already feel better.