Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 Questions and a Contest - Jane Carver

WINNER!!  Joan Reeves has won the free copy of Mind Rider!  Thanks everyone for participating!

Welcome to the latest edition of THREE QUESTIONS AND A CONTEST with special guest genuine Jane Carver.

Jane has worn several hats over the years. She’s been an editor and a contest coordinator as well as a writer.

Her latest book Mind Rider came out this month. Musician Rake Bennigan is the only one who sees the spirit in the desert. Artist Miranda Owen goes nowhere but allows her imagination to soar. Can Rake love a woman with limitations? Can Mindy love a man with freedoms?

Tell us a little more about Mind Rider. What made you choose a musician as the hero of your story when conventional publishers say that’s a major no-no?

You’re going to laugh but I wrote this back in my Russell Crowe adoration days. He’s a musician and has a band. When the band came to Austin twice I was there. Saw them again in Chicago. I got to be friends with the sound engineer. Crowe and the band also like to ride motorcycles in Australia. This story came to me one day when the soundman, Bruno, complained that the guys had just finished a long bike ride and his butt was chafed. Keep in mind that all things are fodder for a writer’s imagination, even a movie star/motorcycle rider/singer. Needless to say conventional publishers never picked up on this particular short story but I think Amazon Kindle readers like it.

You’ve worked with a small publisher and self-published your work. What do you think is the most important thing new writers need to keep in mind with the topsy-turvy world that the publishing industry has become?

First and foremost is writing the best story you can. Without that, all the rest, promotion, learning how to self-publish, seeking an agent and/or editor is worth nothing. Being part of a group that will support your efforts is the second most important thing. With members of that group, you can learn to do anything. What you don’t know about publishing, seeking agents or editors, promoting yourself someone else will. You, in turn, share your expertise with a member in need. With those critical pieces in place, anything is possible.

And for the wacky portion of our interview and in honor of Rake, name your favorite ‘80’s hair band.

Well, why don’t ya ask a hard one, huh! Lots of individuals of course…Bryan Adams, Phil Collins and Billy Joel. Lionel Richie and Bon Jovi along with Elton John but I guess my favorite band would be Fleetwood Mac with Stevie Nicks. When I worked as security at the Mitchell Pavilion in the Woodlands north of Houston, I guarded the back stage dressing rooms several times when Fleetwood Mac came on tour. Nice people as well as talented. Can’t say that about a lot of groups these days, but yep, that would be my favorite 80’s band.


Jane’s books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as her online publisher Melange Books. For more info on Jane, check out her author page at Melange as well as her website. Just for fun, she also has a photo site that she enjoys working with at http://www.photo-fun-by-janie.com/.

Today, we are giving away a copy of Mind Reader to one lucky blog reader.

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment stating your favorite hot musician you’d want to meet. PLEASE, if you comment anonymously, leave a contact e-mail.

Per usual, comments will be closed on Thursday, June 30, at 11AM CDT, and GK will draw a name from his Capt. Rex helmet. The winner will be posted at noon.

Legal $#!@:

The contest is open to everyone! To the FTC, I have received nothing from Jane for this opportunity other than her gracious southern manners.


  1. Great interview, Ladies!! And Jane, who knew you were so colorful, dear!

  2. Well, I already have my hot musician, but I enjoyed the interview, ladies!

  3. Janie, what a wonderful interview!! Congrats on the new book and keep up the exciting writing!

  4. Jane, I'm going to list a fictional rock musician as my fave. Bill Nighy in Love Actually as the over-the-hill ex-heroin addict rocker. Most hysterically funny line from that movie? "Remember, kids, don't buy drugs. Become a rock star and they give them to you for free."

    Congratulations on your ebook!

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves