Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Different Writers Do with the Same Premise

Are you a writer who's worried about someone stealing their idea?

Have you come up with a cool concept involving a young blonde who discovers that she has supernatural abilities?  A story where no one in her world can tell her exactly what she is?  That her change in status totally messes up her life and her relationships?

Today, the summer blog tour stops at Killer Fiction where Christie Craig and I (well, actually our characters Kylie and Sam) show how two writers with the same basic premise came up two totally different books.

P.S.  There's a contest, too. Maybe you can guess what one of the prizes is from the cover to the left.  Christie's also throwing in a signed copy of Born at Midnight.

[Edit to add: Since someone at Killer Fiction asked, Zombie Love will be on sale July 1st at Amazon, Barnes & and Smashwords.]


  1. I have zombies in my book too. No love though.

  2. Well, with Sam, I wanted a different kind of zombie. But trust me, there's some gore in the climax. It's just not Sam causing it.

    You can get a sneak peek of Sam Ridgeway over at Killer Fiction.

  3. Mine is a kid's book. No romance or any of that silly stuff. It's juts an adventure. That said, I wish you much success. Write on!