Friday, June 17, 2011

Will Graham Strikes Again

Will Graham has his second book out, Monsters Under the Bed.

Here's some behind the scenes gossip:  This story started out as a spec script for a TV show (one I'm not at liberty to reveal due to certain legal conditions).  Will knew I loved this particular show, and he let me read the script.  The story was fabulous and a perfect fit.  Apparently the producers, etc., did not agree with my expert fangirl opinion and rejected it.

Hey, their loss is our gain since Will kept the delightfully creepy ending.

Plus, he has a special extra story after the end of Monsters Under the Bed.

It's currently available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

In 1996, SSA Michael O'Leary of the FBI's Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit (CASKU) investigated the disapperance of Amelia Reardon, the five year old daughter of textile heiress Annabelle Sinclair Reardon. Annabelle was attacked by the kidnapper, brutalized, and left for dead. Michael found Amelia, but what happened after that horrific discovery sent him into a spiraling depression, resulting in his resignation.

Annabelle Reardon survives her attack, but discovers she possesses a very slight psychic ability, a talent causing more awkwardness and embarrassment than any concrete benefit. Using her considerable personal resources, she founds the National Center Victims Advocacy Group (NCVAG), an organization dedicated to assisting and supporting the victims of violent crimes. One of her first actions is persuading Michael to come into the fold and use his training and skills.

December 23, 1999. When a member of a local boys' choir performing at a shopping mall brushes against her, Annabelle has a vision of an actual vampire; swirling cloak, bloody fangs, emanating an aura of menace that staggers her. The 'vision' induces such terror in her Annabelle is compelled to look into the matter, dragging a reluctant Michael with her.

Using the resources available to them through the NCVAG, Michael and Annabelle begin an investigation on Christmas Eve that takes them from Washington, D.C. to the beauty of the Virginia countryside, a compassionate doctor, a private institute, and a confrontation with genuine evil on the most special of days, Christmas Morning.


A serial killer terrorizes the city of Houston. A hunter stalks his prey. But, nothing is what it seems. It’s all a matter of PERCEPTION….

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  1. Go, Will! :) I loved Perception! Had me on the edge of my set till the very end!