Friday, July 1, 2011

Zombie Love Lives!

It's July 1st, which means new release day!

Zombie Love is officially out and available on Amazon, Barnes and NobleSmashwords and XinXii.  (Yeah, I know B&N is ridiculously slow in putting pages up for e-books, even though I uploaded ZL within the same hour as the rest of the sites yesterday.  I'll add the link as soon as I have it.)

[Edit to add:  It took B&N six days before they allowed Zombie Love to go live on their site.]


For tabloid reporter Samantha “Sam” Ridgeway, chasing down the mysterious Duncan St. James, who saved a pregnant actress from an apocalyptic cult, should have been an easy story. Until her editor nixes the piece without a reason. Until her LAPD contact is murdered in front of her. Until she’s kidnapped by a bunch of crazy scientists to be the guinea pig in their bizarro experiment. And Sam knows what happens to guinea pigs when the experiment’s done.


But when Sam wakes up, she’s got super-strength, super-speed, and an appetite that won’t quit. She escapes from the mad scientists with the help of St. James, but he’s got more secrets than she thought. Like glowing eyes and fangs. Could things get any worse than getting turned into the living dead and having the hots for a vampire? Yeah, they can . . .

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