Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Movie Mania - Now You See Me

Yesterday was Father's Day so DH wanted to go to a matinee then hit his favorite restaurant. None of us really wanted to see The Man of Steel (we felt seriously burned after the Brian Singer disaster a few years ago). So DH had his choices narrowed down to Fast and Furious 6 or Now You See Me.

All I can say is DH made the right decision. Now You See Me is the FIRST movie I've seen in the last TWO DECADES where I was surprised by the ending. Excellent, EXCELLENT film!

DH will be the first person to say I've become jaded when it comes to story. I always find myself picking apart any movie or TV episode we watch or book I read. It's the ugly side of being a storyteller. But this is one instance where I can admit the ENTIRE CAST AND CREW GOT ME! And I love them for it!

The basic theme is the delight and the wanting to believe in magic versus the ego's need to control everything. I can't really say anything more without ruining the experience for you. Do not read reviews. Do not talk to your friends. Just go see it this week.

What I can tell you is the the producers' very casting choices affect how you watch the movie and you perceive the story. Take a good hard look at the cast and give me a one word description of your PERCEPTION of each person:

Michael Caine
Jesse Eisenberg
Isla Fisher
Dave Franco
Morgan Freeman
Woody Harrelson
Mark Ruffalo

I give Now You See Me a ten!

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