Friday, July 5, 2013

Pubit!'s Pink Slip Has Been Served

If you're like me and have avoided switching over from Pubit! to Nook Press, you probably got your termination notice on Tuesday like I did. It's true. After three glorious *cough*cough* years, Barnes & Noble is retiring Pubit! It's official last date will be Wednesday, July 10th.

I resisted switching over to Nook Press in April after hearing some of the horror stories coming from other users. Delays, missing books, disappearing metadata. Then there was the total unresponsiveness of the Barnes & Noble support team. Egads! What was the point of changing when Pubit! was working so well for me?

But they're shutting down Pubit!, so yesterday, I bit the bullet and hit the switch. Maybe I lucked out, or maybe they'd already moved my data over to the new system, but once I accepted the T&C, everything was where it was supposed to be.

On the plus side, Nook Press has a spot for my publishing company's website (yet another thing on my gigantic to-do list). All my banking info was there. I'm waiting to see if something gets screwed up along the line.

We'll find out soon when Blood Sacrifice and Alter Ego's latest go live over the next few weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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