Sunday, September 1, 2013

Videos I've Been Watching Lately

Anybody else watch the MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday? I'm not really sure why Lady Gaga tried to recreate her video. She normally takes an element of the concept and twists it into something new and different. Instead, her performance looked rather stilted with all the costume changes. Theories? Comments?

On the other hand, staying with her grandparents and eating some good West Virginian homecooking seems to have done wonders for her. This is the healthiest she's looked in a lo-o-o-ong time!


  1. I didn't see it, no. And just by looking at the start of this video, I wouldn't even know it was her. She's making spooky eyes. And what's with the square? Oh, there's those scary eyes again.

    I'm typing and watching.

    Square is gone. Wow, she has hips. Now she has big shoulders. Is that a bowling ball? Wait, now they all have one.

    Tim just came in and said, "What are you watching?"

  2. Tell Tim you're watching bowling for Gaga. :grin: