Monday, August 18, 2014

The Home Repair Edition - Part Deux!

Back in June, I vented about all the bad luck we'd had while trying to get the $*$@)( Houston house on the market. Well, we were getting down to the wire for hitting the prime summer home sales market. There was still quite a bit to do, and I've been getting sicker from the stress (one of the lovely side effects of being immune compromised and having heart arrhythmia).

A benefactor spoke with DH and offered to front the money to hire somebody to help me with the last few things. His contractor showed up...

...and promptly tried to set my house on fire. *facepalm*

Really. The contractor tried to loosen the old linoleum in the kitchen using my candle lighter. Then he used water. The concrete slab was covered in a muddy, pulpy mess by the time he left. And to top it off, he used my tools because he didn't having any floor tools of his own, then left the unwashed tools on my kitchen counter.

I spent most of that evening and the next day cleaning up the mess instead of working on the other projects that needed to be done. I also primed the floor for leveler because there was a huge dip in the middle of the concrete. When the contractor arrived the next evening, I had the tools and supplies ready to go.

And he got pissed. Because I knew what I was doing. Because I knew he didn't know what he was doing. Because I had tits instead of a dick. Take your pick of the reasons. Thankfully, he quit five minutes after he arrived. Otherwise, I'd have to fire him. I wasn't about to do a half-assed job and leave behind something that would fall apart in ninety days after the new owners moved into the house. And I sure as hell wasn't going to take disrespectful shit from someone young enough to be my son.

All of this went down between Tuesday, August 5th, and Thursday, August 7th. Thanks to the stress, I hurt so bad Friday morning that I could barely roll out of bed.

In a flurry of emergency calls and pooling of funds, DH arrived from Ohio Sunday evening. We knocked out a bunch of stuff last week. He headed back after breakfast on Saturday to get back before today since GK started high school this morning.

Saturday and yesterday, I worked on two of the last three things that need to be done. The carpets will be cleaned on Tuesday, and the new stove should be here on Wednesday. The real estate agent will be here late Wednesday or early Thursday to take pictures. So by Thursday evening, this stupid house should be officially listed.

*sigh* I'll be so glad when this is all over.


  1. Sounds like things have been going great since the douchebag walked out. Still keeping those fingers crossed for you!


  2. Thanks, Angie! I finished painting the trim in the 2nd bath this afternoon, and I hope to get most of the kitchen tile finished this evening.

  3. I'll be glad when this is over for you as well.

  4. We're almost there. I need to tile the upstairs bathroom. Then clean out the family room and my office. (A lot of stuff got shoved into those two rooms when we had the carpet stretched and cleaned.)

  5. Do you ever wish you sold as is? We have a family member selling a camp as is, but one guy is still trying to get the owners to go even lower.