Friday, February 27, 2015

Taking Risks

Yesterday, the incredible Kris Rusch talked about becoming the indispensable writer. A writer becomes indispensable when she's learning new things, improving her writing, and not doing the same story over and over again.

In other words, she can't become boring.

Generally, what makes a writing boring is fear. She's afraid to take chances for fear that her readers won't like the new thing she is creating. She's afraid to try new methods of publishing for fear that her readers won't follow her. She's afraid to write something in a different genre for fear it won't sell.

In other words, she's a afraid of failure.

I totally get that fear. I'm feeling it in spades right now.

I've commissioned new covers for the Bloodlines series. Even though Elaina delivered the first one this week and it's beautiful, I'm worried that I'm changing the image for Blood Magick too much.

I've commissioned new interior design and formatting for the series as well for both e-book and print. Logically, it made sense to hire Jaye because she's faster and does a much better job than me. It is taking me forever to learn to properly design a print book. But I'm scared of giving up control.

I've entered into a contract to co-author a new series. I love the ideas Laura and I have come up with, but I'm frightened of disappointing Laura. Frightened that the final product won't be as she envisioned it. Worried that my other works won't measure up and it's obvious that I'm riding on someone else's coattails, especially if the 888-555-HERO project is successful.

Despite that rampant fear, I need to plunge ahead. If I don't, I'll regret it. If not for the rest of my life, at least for the few decades of cognizance I have left.

And maybe that's the worst fear of all right now. What happens when people say, "Yeah, that Suzan Harden used to write some good books. I wonder whatever happened to her."


  1. Good grief, don't worry about my coattails. I'm still wandering around in my pajamas. If it helps I worry about the exact same thing.

    1. If it makes you fell better, I still have my jammies on, too. :)

  2. I was talking about metaphorical jammies, but yeah, still in the literal ones too.