Monday, January 11, 2016

Autharium (aka Indie) Strikes Back

Last Friday, the following comment showed up in my moderation file:

Re: Autharium Drama
Maybe you should try being in Matt's shoes for one day. Try living on under 4 hours sleep with 4 children and a partner who's mother is critically ill in hospital. Then see if you can post an email that satisfies your intergalactic standards.

It belongs to a post from nearly two years ago, More Autharium Drama. Go look it over. I'll wait.

* * *

You're back? A lot of crap that passed under the bridge two years ago, right?

First of all, the comment, which I approved for posting, gives me a chance to re-visit a company whose tactics I questioned. Rather than issue press releases touting their new, improved terms, Autharium changed its name to Indie. The terms I had concerns about two years ago, I still question now. The funny thing is my posts about Autharium (aka Indie) are still near the top results of most search engines.

So who left the anonymous comment, hoping to make me feel guilty? Well, I have my suspicions, but I'm going to address the particulars anyway. *grin*

Obviously, my mysterious commenter hasn't bothered to look at my blog for the last two years. Regular readers know about some of my travails, but I'm not going to spell them all out. Social media isn't the place to spill personal shit, contrary to what some folks on Facebook believe.

The main point, and I really hate to say this, is that Matt's shoes don't matter in a professional environment. Guess what? My shoes don't matter either, not when it comes to our customers/clients/readers. In a professional environment, if we want to call ourselves professionals, we are simply required to do our jobs without whining.

Seriously, if you walked into McDonald's and the person taking your order started complaining about his parents ragging on him, how he's failing Algebra because his teacher's really smokin', and his girlfriend won't put out, what would you think?

For the first time, I pray this was a real troll comment. I'm really hoping that Matt Bradbeer wasn't stupid enough to post this comment because it plays exactly into my criticism of his lack of social media awareness from his e-mail and tactics from 2014.

I also hopes he reads this because, Matt, if you really are under that much pressure, no business is worth ruining your health for.

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