Saturday, January 16, 2016

Second Most Anticipated Movie of 2016

Okay, I'll give you folks a Deadpool break. The other movie I'm looking forward to is Avengers 2.5.


  1. I already watched that trailer three or four times, but of course I watched it again. :D There's already a ton of fanfic for Civil War just based on the trailer. The fact that it's set up as essentially a gay love triangle between Bucky and Steve and Tony, and you don't even have to do much squinting, is just adding fuel to that particular fire. :) Definitely going to watch that one a few times when it comes out.


  2. Angie, just keep watching it again and again...

  3. Tony Stark: Well if he's going to be with his ex-BF Bucky then I'm going back to my ex-BF Roady and that'll make him super jealous.

    Black Widow: Sure Tony. That'll show him.