Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Slightly More Serious Totally Not Safe for Work Valentine's Day Present

Here's a more serious version of the R-rated Deadpool trailer. 34 days and counting!


  1. I can't wait. He's my 2nd fav comic book character. After Superman. I know it's lame and standard but Superman is the best. He's hard to write, but when he's written it's epic!

    I'm hoping the do a good Copycat in this movie. I'm hoping they cross over with X-Men and Cable comes in. I'm hoping that then, finally, I'll get to see Domino on screen (my favorite X-Man but she's no man). :-)

    1. You'll get your Superman fix in March. Have you watched the new Supergirl series? It's Genius Kid's new favorite series. Ah, youth and hormones. LOL

      Vanessa is in it, but there's no clue in the trailers that she makes an appearance as Copycat. According to the gossip mill, Reynolds' team is already planning to have Cable in the sequel.

      I want Domino too! But Disney/Marvel won't put out a fucking t-shirt with Gamorra on it, so I ain't holding out hope.

  2. Supergirl is the one I'm following now, loving it. When Martian Manhunter showed up I was all in. Better than The Flash for me, less drama more superhero stuff.

    I'm also liking The Expanse.