Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Totally Not Safe for Work Valentine's Day Present

Yes, I have already demanded that DH take me to see Deadpool for Valentine's Day. No, I'm not your typical soccer mom.

Seriously, folks, this is NSFW!


  1. LOL! Okay, that looks like fun. :)

    I'm pretty sure Deadpool didn't exist back when I was spending a ridiculous amount of money on comics every month. It was twenty-some years ago. I've heard of Deadpool, but didn't know anything about him. He looks like a hoot, heh.


    1. If you liked Kingsman: The Secret Service, you'd probably like this one. Deadpool first showed up at the tail-end of the New Mutants' run in the early '90's. First he was the typical douchebag bad guy, but when Marvel started making separate series for every X-Men character, the guys who did Deadpool had a field day because the suits weren't paying attention. Think of him as a psychotic, deadly version of Capt. John Harkness. IF you can find the run were he took over for Spider-man, it's hysterical!

    2. His Hit Monkey cross over is good too. Also when he went around killing everyone in the Marvel Universe. And when he married Death's Daughter. And when he got a bunch of money and decided to be a pirate...:-)