Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Juggling Life

I'm in that lovely middle-age space where I'm dealing with both underage children and elderly family members.

Yesterday, I wrote about 2500 words, took my mother-in-law on a series of appointments, and had a date night with DH. But Genius Kid and I didn't make it to our daily gym appointment.

Today, I haven't gotten much writing done, but GK and I made it to the gym, even though I'm suffering from fatigue after overdoing it yesterday.

But that's life. Life is always a juggling act. It always will be.

For those of you who write or have a chronic condition or have a family, or all of the above like me, it's always going to be a choice of what's important for you on that particular day. Don't wallow in regrets because despite what Gloria Steinem use to say, sometimes you can't have it all.

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