Friday, July 22, 2016

The Last Days of Camp NaNoWriMo

I'm still working on Ravaged for Camp NaNoWriMo, but with ten days left and 35K to go, I don't know if I'll hit my 60K word goal for the novel.

Stuff like Camp NaNo is one of the reasons I don't do a lot of group activities with other writers. I'm not saying competition and spurring each other on isn't good. It works for a lot of people.

Unfortunately, my super-competitive AAA+ oldest-child Scorpio personality kicks in in those types of situations. Years ago, the worst result was me destroying friendships.

These days, setting off the "win at all costs" mentality literally leads to adrenal overdrive. For someone whose entire endocrine system is FUBAR'd, it can result in pan at a minimum and death at the maximum. (Wish I was joking about the last part, but I'm not.)

For the most part, I can keep my competitive streak leashed. But if I'm not diligent, I pay for the inattention later.

So I don't know if I'll do Camp NaNo next year, much less NaNo itself in November. I want to. It's actually a terrific program for jump-starting a project that's been on the back-burner due to LIFE.

On the other hand, NaNo would mean I'd get the Bloodlines series done by the end of the year.

Decisions, decisions...

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