Monday, July 18, 2016

Writer Burn-out

Well, I had a plan for Camp NaNoWriMo for the month, which was to finish the first draft of Ravaged and edit Zombie Goddess. "Had" being the operative word.

By the time I finished "Courting Trouble", dealt with the editing, and drove myself and my poor formatter insane with the typo gremlins from Hell, my brain was officially crispy fried. I literally wrote 100 words per day for three days straight.

On the fourth day, I said "Fuck it!" I edited an Alter Ego short story that had been sitting on my hard drive for some time, created a cute cover for it, formatted it myself, and uploaded it.

That little thing freed up some space in my brain, and I managed 500 words yesterday. Then DH said something about AMC's The Walking Dead marathon.

That's right. I totally blame DH for not getting more words done yesterday.

So if you're reading this on Monday morning, I'm sitting at Panera's with my bacon spinach soufflé and my large mango iced tea and pounding out some words.

Because I've got 40K to go and short time to get there.

(If you are a certain age, admit it. You sang that last line in your head to the theme of Smokey and the Bandit. *grin*)