Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Writers Be Crazy!

Why do we writers worry so much about what other writers are doing?

I didn't think things could get much lower in publishing land, but I was wrong.

Last week, Some Writer Guy went on a rampage (no, I'm not going to link to it) about male writers pretending to be hot to score sex with readers. Several of Alter Ego's friend were talking about the rampage, and several got their panties in a wad over Some Guy's usage of certain language.

Frankly, who cares? Really?

If the male writers are leaving the female readers satisfied, then who the fuck cares? Maybe these male writers understand what women want. And no where does SWG say these women are underage. If the women are adults, then they are responsible for their own sexual behavior. They don't need a man to "save" them.

As for the female writers' reaction, men have said stupid things for ages. Unfortunately, I've met too many male writers who should be far more talented with the written word. Yet, they manage to stick their feet in their mouths with a few unwise phrases. SWG is a perfect example of this phenomenon. So why are we getting upset over some kid saying stupid things?

Piece of advice, kids: never use Hitler or rape as comparison models.

Instead of worrying about what some other writer is doing, worry about getting your own stories done and published.

For example, Zombie Goddess is with my beta reader, and I'm working on finishing Ravaged.

The only hot guys and panties I worry about are my characters'.

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