Friday, May 26, 2017

More Analysis on the Marvel Situation

About a month ago, I talked about how the promo tricks Marvel had been using for the last twenty years were truly starting to backfire on them and were destroying their sales. Two days later, YouTube geek sensation ComicGirl19 posted a similar rant to mine, naming several of the same reasons that Marvel sales were dropping that had nothing to do with diversity.

Then last night, an article from The Atlantic popped up in one of my feeds. And guess what it was about? Yep, Marvel's problems were their sales gimmicks, not their diversity. I highly recommend reading the article because the article lists a few more issues I was barely aware of, such as the antagonism of editors and writers toward fans, not just the sexism they and their fellows exhibited towards their female co-workers.

Marvel seriously needs to get their shit together before it's too late. Besides, how is Disney going to get new material? Or are they going to do what Sony did and kill Uncle Ben over and over ad nauseam?


  1. Great article -- thanks for the link.

    I really hope they can get their act together soon. It'd suck of the comic source material dried up because the people in charge wouldn't know a good business decision if it smacked them in the face. [sigh]

    And I still have no clue why the whole Captain-America-is-a-Nazi ball of flaming crap got greenlit. I mean, seriously?? :/


    1. Don't even get me started on Cap. That was such a wrong move.

      But DC isn't in any better straits right now, though I've been hearing good things about Rebirth.

      It's pretty bad when the '70's Wonder Woman stories (which weren't great) are WAAAAY better than the crap coming out today. The last time I even bothered buying comic books was three years ago.