Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday Movie Mania - Christopher Robin

Our family loves Winnie the Pooh. I still have my old Pooh Bear (now over fifty years old). Genius Kid still has the Pooh Bear Darling Husband bought when we found out I was pregnant. We still have the VHS and DVD animated movies from GK's toddler years. The Pooh cake pan mold. The extra Poohs GK bought with his Christmas money so his original Pooh wouldn't be alone.

All right, I'll stop, but you get the idea.

I was half-afraid Christopher Robin would be about an adult Christopher Robin going off his rocker and seeing his imaginary friends, but this is Disney, so I shouldn't have been worried.

* * *


* * *

1) Christopher Robin is a sweet portal fantasy. Pooh needs Christopher Robin's help when the rest of their friends go missing. And in the process, Pooh ends up repairing the relationships among the Robin family.

2) Haley Atwell as Christopher Robin's wife Evelyn was wonderful as the skeptic who quickly takes the side of Pooh and friends when she realizes it's all real.

3)Bronte Carmichael is adorable as Madeleine, Christopher and Evelyn's daughter. Her performance never went into the saccharine area.

4) Ewan MacGregor was pitch perfect as the adult Christopher. The guy does not get enough credit, considering the first thing I ever saw him in was Shallow Grave back in the early '90's.

5) OMG! The entire voice cast for the citizens of the 100 Acre Wood! They captured the essence without imitating the cast from the original Pooh animated movies.

1) Can't think of a damn one. The story hit the right gentle humor beats for a Pooh story, the cast was superb, and it was nice having an adventure with some old friends.

Overall, Christopher Robin hit a perfect 10 stars out of 10.

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