Friday, April 27, 2012

Angry Sheep's One-Year Anniversary

I was reviewing some changes that my webmistress had made on my website this morning when I realized something. Today's the one-year anniversary since I uploaded my first story and officially entered the world of self-publishing.


Things have changed so much in the publishing industry. Last April, I got a lot of flack from traditionally published friends. I got a lot of support from friends braving this new world. And I got a bit of 'Are you insane?' from writers who hadn't published at all.

And now? Other than a smart-ass comment someone wasn't brave enough to say to my face last month, every writer I know is looking at ALL their options. I truly believe the freedom to find one's best path is a wonderful thing.

As for me, pushing the 'Publish' button for Seasons of Magick: Spring is the scariest thing I've done. And It's been the most rewarding. Since that April evening last year, I've published four novels, three novellas under my name, one novella under a pseudonym, and one non-fiction business guide.

The really cool thing is people are buying my books. And liking them! The same books that agents and editors told me over and over again weren't worthy of being published.

I'm writing new stuff and loving the writing process again. And people are buying those books. And liking them!

The best part is I've gone from thinking of indie publishing as a grand experiment to planning out what I have to do to make a living at this. And I'm close to my new goal. So damn close I can taste it.


  1. Hey, happy anniversary! :D And Pthththth! to all the haters. [grin]


  2. Thanks, Angie! If I'd given up, DH swears he would have pulled my work out of the virtual trash bin, like Tabitha King pulled Carrie out of a real garbage can when her husband got disgusted and gave up.