Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lucky 7 Meme

The Lucky 7 Meme is a game of writer virtual tag.

Here's the deal:

1) Go to page 77 of the current wip.

2) Count down seven lines.

3) Post the next seven lines on your blog or FB page.

4) Tag seven writers. Let them know they've been tagged.

My friend Pat Rosen nailed me on March 30th. Just one problem--I had only reached page twenty of my current wip. *facepalm*

Well, I finally reached page 77 last night, and here it is:

A paring knife. Her heart stopped. Her lungs stopped. Ryan held one of her kitchen paring knives.

The all-too-familiar black spots swam in front of her eyes, but they didn’t block the glittering blade.

“Micki, count with me and take a breath after each number.” His voice was commanding, sure, even as he carefully cut off the stem of the banana.

My turn to torture some writers! *rubs her hands gleefully*

Jenn Bray-Weber

Nina Cordoba

Christie Craig

Faye Hughes

Jody Payne

Tess St. John

Teri Thackston

And readers? I'll be interested to hear what you think.


  1. Um...thanks? LOL.

    “Word on the docks is the Mariposa’s runnin’ ’tween here and Tobago, raidin’ a few small seaside villages.”
    Joelle had heard that, too. The brethren don’t take too kindly to other pirates in their waters.
    “Anything else?”
    “Lord English…” He dribbled ale on his hand as he poured. Like a beggar child, he quickly licked his wrist of the brew, dirt and all. “Lord English also said show no quarter to the mut’neers.”


  2. Yay! More pirates! Thanks for playing, Jenn. I can't wait to see what Joelle gets herself into!

  3. Gah! I was out of town when you posted your seven lines, Suzan. Now that I'm back--and have partially recovered from the shock of the knife in Ryan's hand--thumbs up on the excerpt/teaser.

  4. Pat, the real thanks go to you! Lucky 7 was great incentive! I busted my butt over then last few weeks to get to page 77.