Monday, April 6, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Day 26 - Killing With Kindness

Everyone's stressed. I get that. You've lost your job. Money's tight. Or you're trying to work full-time from home while homeschooling your kids. Everything's changing, and we feel lost.

And with stress is coming anger and despair. Because there's no end in sight.

First, take a deep breath. Let it out. Inhale, then exhale a few more times. Just concentrate on nothing but your breathing.

What can you manage right now?

For starters, you can manage your reaction to other people. It means if you're finding yourself getting angry, ask yourself what you're really upset about.

Can you walk away from the other person for a bit? Can you count to ten to give yourself a chance to rein in your temper?

Put yourself in the other person's shoes. Show them a little empathy. There's a lot of people putting their lives on the line to make sure you have what you need. Everyone from the ER staff to the kid from DoorDash.

Is one or more of your social media friends talking too much politics or very negative? It's okay to mute them for thirty days.

It's okay if you need a break from anyone, online or inside your house.

If you don't feel safe in your house, call for help. The folks at shelters understand.

It's okay if you need a hug. It may have to be a virtual hug for now, but the feeling is there. Or hug yourself.

As the Doctor says, "Always be kind. Never cruel."

Keep yourself safe. Shelter in a safe place. For most of us, the safest place is home.

Don't go out unless you absolutely have to. Like when you decided to adopt a toy dog seven months ago, and they have a teaspoon-sized bladder.

If you don't have an intubation tube shoved down your throat right now, thank the universe. Thousands of people would love to trade places with you.

Turn off the news to keep yourself sane.

Talk a walk and enjoy the spring air and sunshine.

Count your blessings.


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