Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All Hallows Read

Here's a positive Public Service Announcement from the ever-charming Neil Gaiman:

Now go buy or borrow scary books for your loved ones!


  1. Okay...the video could use a little professionalism but we get the point. I've never even thought of handing out books instead of candy on Halloween, but it's a great idea. My niece recently had her baby shower and on the invitations she requested everyone buying Baby Mason a Golden Book for his library she's building. Wonderful idea. I love receiving books for gifts or at least a gift card to a local bookstore on online bookstore.

  2. Over at Neil's blog, he admits that he and a group of friends did this during a five minute break during rehearsals for a production.

    I still love the idea though! And Neil has written some great scary kids books. I read The Graveyard Book to my son the Halloween it came out.

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  4. I'll definitely have to check it out. Well then, for only a five minute break, pretty good :) Still, I totally believe it's a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. (Sorry about the "removed"...I had a couple of really bad