Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Got All 51 Flags!

Okay, I know this sounds stupid, but that little flag counter down at the very end of the column on your right hand side?

I added the flag counter to Wild, Wicked & Wacky a long time ago for two reasons:

(1) How long would it take to collect all fifty U.S. state flags?

(2) What folks in which countries other than the U.S. might actually read my blog?

What I didn't think about was that the District of Columbia would be listed as part of the U.S. by the good folks at Flag Counter while commonwealths like Puerto Rico and Guam aren't. So as of October 4th, I officially got a blog visitor from South Dakota, my last state needed. (Yes, I got lazy and finally checked.) It took two years and three weeks.

I say offically because there's some satellite providers that don't list the state/country of origin.  So if one of y'all from South Dakota visited prior to October of this year I apologize.

State-wise, my top visitors are from Texas (of course *grin*), followed by California, New Jersey, Ohio (home state *wave*) and New York.

So far, folks from eighty countries other than the U.S. have dropped by. The most visitors come from Canada (hey, neighbors!), the United Kingdom, India, Australia and the Phillippines.

What amazes me is how connected the Internet has made the world. That we can find common interests beyond the BS our leaders spout. That people from exotic places I've only read about can reach out and say "Hey!"

This is the future, and damn, it's cool!

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